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how do you say, 'good evening' in french?

i lost my last chance of the year in taking french class, AGAIN.
seems like nature -or actually, my lack of information- has denied me access to learning french, seeing that the class is already in its 3rd session this week so i can't get in [even if the receptionist said i still could, i have the feeling i'll stay the dumbest in class if i force myself to sign in].

i've been wanting to learn french since 2006, but either the registration's already closed or the budget failed me by the time it was up again. it's taken a full 4-day-tour around Paris -and much later, a Paris-based fanfic am working on- to finally pique my interest over the flowery language. i used to prefer the more straight-laced indo-german root's, like english, and -of course- german [and japanese too. to me, all three have the same vibe].

Next april, am definitely gonna put CCF into my weekly schedule. time to get serious with my writing projects after all, learning how to write correctly in french being one of its necessities [to me, that is].
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