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the koreans... lost... *is weeping*

aaw.. the korean team lost, after so much struggle.. *hugs access_identity*. it turned out that the referee was right, the goal alexander frei made was legal according to FIFA's new rule that's applied starting from Germany 2006 [though i question FIFA's policy for not having it sounded well throughout the entire participating teams, as proven from the ashen, mortified, strongly in denial looks of the korean team when they heard the referee legalized that particular goal].

and so the switzerland team made it to the big 16 [being the group leader, too]. well, not that der Schweiz isn't fit for the title. for a team with no significant league star [save hakan yakin], they are very well organized. it's just that after all the hardships, i strongly believe the korea rep deserves better chances. or in this case, the big 16 [though i don't really expect them to win there]. but if anything, they lost to the other team with pride. i just hope they'll do better next time [maybe hire guus hiddink back?].

oh well. i still have the spanish team, the dutch and the argentine to cheer me up. there's a lot more excitement to expect, and more caffeine to store.

i luv world cup.


I was cheering for the Japanese team before they crashed out, so I was hoping that Korea would get in... They played much better... I fell asleep waiting for the match, and then lost the chance to watch them play their last match in the tournament...

On an entirely different note, I loved your fanfic--"Uncover" series, and would like to ask if you're continuing it...
yeah, i cheered for nippon team too, but they didn't play as good as korea, so i gave them up [but the goal keeper & the captain could make a hot couple ~.^].

thank you for reading 'uncover' the series. don't worry, i won't stop writing until i finish it. mattette ne, i just need to get one of my crack plots out of my system first, then i can go back to the serious one [the storyline is getting darker in future chapters, but don't tell anyone yet ~.^].
iya, huuuuuh sedih. peraturan FIFA sekarang emang udah berubah dan gue masih sering lupa. untuk mencegah terlalu banyak offside dan menghasilkan lebih banyak gol sih, tapi ya... duh.

Guus Hiddink itu hebat banget ya. Dari Korea SElatan aja dia udah dapat sebuah pulau dan tiket gratis seumur hidup naik maskapai penerbangan Korea! Wow! Kira-kira dia bisa juga ga ya bikin Indonesia tembus Piala Dunia.. hehehe.