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world cup 2006 [a bit on the chipper side today]

on germany x costa rica:
...was that a joke or sth?

and SCTV sucks. all i wanted to see was the OPENING of WORLD CUP 2006, not some local cheap stage show. how disappointing. and what the hell with that 'nation-wide single broadcast right'? i was hoping to get LIVE report from either starsports or ESPN, since i knew stupid thing like this was gonna happen.

SCTV t** kucing.

*breathes in, breathes out*
alright, tonight's match should be good, i guess. need to lift up the bait.

need to find that il divo song, too.


finally after err... how many months? ur updating ur journal...

miss u ne~ ^___^

SCTV dibanjiri surat, e-mail, dan SMS protes terus ^^
gue juga jadi agak-agak eneg nonton piala dunia. mana dimonopoli lagi...