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this long weekend, i intended to at least produce the first line of my long abandoned multi-chaptered fic.

if not for the damn pain in my stomach that came with my period.

and so i was forced to curl up in bed for 2 days, cursing, and whimpering like a 5-year-old [when i was ALONE in my room, of course. no way in hell would i ruin my tough-in-sickness image. am not like the men in my house who tend to get noisy and dramatic when they get sick]. come to think of it, i feel that this month's period was kinda weird. i mean, i haven't experienced any significant pain in my stomach that's related to my period for like, 5? 7 years? but then my stomach hasn't been in good shape either, seeing that last month i gotta visit the doctor [normally a balm is enough] just to stop the squeezing pain that turned my fingers cold.

oh well. guess i should be thankful that my stomach's getting better, and that it made its stupid act at home and not on the plane [it turned out my dad and i cancelled the trip to my mom's hometown, since my grandma's sickness seems getting better]. or else it'd be like hell up there [i did get sick on the plane when i was 7, had to stay in the strapped bed until we reached the airport].

still, to think that i let 4 days of weekend go wasted just like that............ >.


tapi sakit perutnya ga berkepanjangan kan? masih wajar gitu? kalo enggak periksa aja ke ginekolog, takutnya ada apa-apa.
alhamdulillah sekarang udah sehat. ^^
sepertinya seh angin, tapi yang jenisnya susah keluar. dokternya sampe bilang kalo perut gw bunyinya kayak peluit, bising. ^^;;
itu masih di dalam kan? apalagi kalo udaranya keluar... hehehehe...
hehe, untung aja keluarnya ga heboh.. tapi memang akhir2 ini perut gw cukup bertingkah.
Sorry to hear about your stomachache. *hugs* You might want to check it to the doctor (If you want, I can look for a good and recommended one)
thanks for caring, am okay now. *hugs back* usually there's nothing wrong with my stomach when i have period. maybe the weather? *shrugs* =)
or you eat a lot of "sambal Padang"? XD
i wish... i don't even dare touching anything spicy for now, what with my weird stomach and trouble chewing with the absence of my upper molars...
.... *pictures blue as thin as toothpick*.....err....drink a lot of milk, will ya? (but it can cause more stomach upset.... ) hmmm... I know.... drink honey, healthy and full of vitamin :D
yes ma'am.

..or should i quote [from heero], 'yes, dominatrix'? xp
dominatrix? If I have Heero as my slave, I don't mind being a dominatrix *chackles*
cygnus hyoga is indeed born in Rusia (my friend said she read it from the official StS encyclopedia)

emang iyaaaaaa! uuuuuhh... i really hate it when stupid animonster crew go careless with my dear handsome hyoga like that. TWICE, i tell ya. TWICE!!! in their first installment of animonster [tabloid format, mind you] they forgot to put anything about Crystal, hyoga's direct teacher, one of the silver saints. and now this. >.
eh... you mean he was trained in siberia? that's true. that was what MISSING in his stats in the latest STS coverage.


hey ive been a fan of your fics.. i do hope you could update Uncover.. it's one of my most fave TezuFuji fic... sophisticated.. ^_^
thanks, am glad you enjoyed Uncover. ^^
i'll try to educate my muse better so that new chapters will come out soon.
dah feeling better sakit perutnya?

ano... add g di list ya, g dah ganti pake lj yg ini skrg, ga pake yg honey_z08 lagi, 39 ^_^

g jg dah dapet love mode 9,10,11 dr tmn, thx dah brusaha nyariin :)
malah dpt jg yg unlimited, gyah, naoya looks so much hotter XD~