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birthday treat, and all...

thanks chibishun for his birthday treat last sunday, i was a full, happy girl babbling about tezuka's single, 'dakishimete shimai sou sa'. buchou's grown more and more blatant with his feelings these days. very good. acting stoic is tiring.

on another story, there's an offer to cosplay and GET PAID next month. for now it's available within Bancho girls' circle only. i think we agreed to have Bleach again [as if we'll ever get tired of the shinigami costume. it's still the coolest by far. XD], and seeing that my hair's grown, am thinking of becoming hinamori momo again. but tonomurajiro insists on me as ichimaru gin, bcuz as to quote from her: "so far i've never seen any gin as evil as your gin. so be gin."

*scratches head* i should take that as compliment, shouldn't i?

frankly speaking, i wanna try becoming yachiru. i got the pink hair and all [as her character is not a problem ^^;]. but first i gotta find somebody fit for kenpachi. *turns to tonomurajiro* ne, will you coax sonny into cosplaying bleach? he's bulky enough as ken-chan. and i promise i won't climb up and sit on his shoulder [either i'd fall flat on my face or sonny'd have misplaced bones].


heh, dibayar? asyik dong... hehehehe.
iya, katanya. gw masih tunggu kabar dari panda. ^^