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10 meme

seems like am the only one who hasn't done it, so...
taken from mots_fleuris


Color: White/Red/Black/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange

[Indonesian] Kapau Rice;
[Chinese] Hainam Chicken Rice;
[Japanese] Gindara Teppanyaki, Salty Ramen;
[Dutch] FEBO Kroketten;
[Indian/Arabian] Chicken Tandoori, Al-Tazaj Fakieh’s Chicken Rice Package

[Jap] L’arc, Mr. Children;
[American] Metallica – old albums;
[British] Def Leppard, [Scottish] Breathe;
[Indonesian] Krispatih

[Based on true story] In The Name Of The Father, Sleepers, Casualties Of War;
[Romance] A Walk In The Clouds, Two Weeks Notice, Titanic;
[Fantasy] Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Pirates Of The Carribean, The Neverending Story I;
[Comedy] The Empire’s New Groove, Ice Age, Gremlins II;
[Action] Crimson Tide, Hunt For The Red October, The God Father Trilogy

[Jap] All by Yoshimoto Banana;
[British] All by Terry Pratchet, Famous Five The Series, The Wraeththu Chronicles;
[American] The Bridges of Madison County, The Vampire Armand;
[Indonesian] Supernova The Series, Lupus The Series;

Sport: Soccer

Season: Spring

Day of the week: Friday [last day of work, two following days of sleep]

Ice cream flavor: Chocolate, banana

Time of day: Broad daylight

Mood: Chipper, amused, dirty, hyper

[Clothes] casual;
[Food] Spicy;
[Accessories] Bohemian/Indian bracelets

Clothes: worn-out T-shirt and shorts

Desktop picture: Myself, with Jason the python.. ^^;

Nail color: the shade i was born with

Time: 10.59 PM

Surroundings: sanctuaryBedroom

Annoyance[s]: wet underwear, wet footwear, people tresspasing on my jobdesk

Thoughts: My throat hurts...


Best friend: Olivia [ever heard an old saying, ‘your rival is your best friend’? ^^;]

Screen name: Vin D’Miau

Pet: Ninoy [orange, short-haired tabby. Bulky and handsome cat ^^]

Piercing: Ears

Crush: a bastard named O...

Music: I Want To Break Free - Queen

Car: White Volkswagen [Herbie! ^^]

Kiss: not telling ya..


Cigarette: On the way from BDG to JKT with the yaoi girls..

Food: Instant Noodle

Drink: Tea

Car ride: Mikrolet M02 [public vehicle]

Kiss: not telling ya either...

CD played: Bleach OST

TV show watched: Sinetron “Anak Cucu Adam”


Dated one of your best friends: nope

Broken the law: ...not that I remember

Been arrested: Never

Skinny dipped: ...nope?

Been on TV: Several times, first one when I was 5

Kissed someone you didn't know:
[if the Iedl Fitri’s ‘forgive and forget’ customary cheek2cheek is counted] the girl who was with magami that i met in kino PI some weeks ago.

4 THINGS [with no apparent theme]:

You did last night: listening to someone rambling abt their relationship problem on the phone, trying to remember the reason why I was listening to them in the first place, reading fanfics, writing my own fic

You can hear right now: Song from my headphone [Life Is Like A Boat – Rie Fu], me singing, loud motorcycle running, my own curse

You can't live without: PC [am such a nerd..], music, TV, book

You do when you're bored: conspiring plots for my ficsdaydreaming, sleeping, reading, shopping pirated DVDs in Harco Glodok Shrine Xb


You can tell anything to: none I guess.. I prefer my secrets scattered [if there’s any.. >.>]


Black or white: White


To have a job I have passionate in with good monthly income.

yeah... told u am weird. ^^;;

credits to new icon goes to amamiyarin *hugs*


hidoiiii.......its me Sen da yo T_T
ah, sumanai. ^^
makanya bilang2 dong kalu punya lj.
*brick Blue* bukannya udah waktu Bleach kmrn? *kabur*
masa'? kok g ga tau..
jason the python? what or who the hell?
nggak mau ah, gaulnya ama ular *shudders* --> lupa suaminya ular.