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my affectionate relationship with a python named.... jason? ^^;

this is one of the displayed challenges for FEAR FACTOR INDONESIA at RCTI booth in FEMME 2005. yes people, as you might have seen on TV, we're bringing the show here! XD

jason is a 10 y.o. python, abt 4-5m long. a beauty, though i like thai yellow boas better since they have cuter face [this one's less friendly]. the first day i touched him, the reptile was a bit sensitive. but the last day i visited him, he was in a much better mood [just finished eating, if you noticed a suspicious lump going halfway along his body]. the crew said now it was okay to play with him. so i did.

surprisingly, the python wasn't as heavy as i'd thought [but then again jason wasn't that big, though he still can gobble up my leg if he feels like it - in which i thank God he didn't]. i asked one of the crew to take our pictures as i learned how to carry a python properly without it constricting your arms or neck. my friend later commented that i looked tense in the first pic [not the one above]. i told the dumbass that if he happened to notice in the pic, i wasn't holding a cute little hamster, but rather a primitive serpent that was looking at me with open interest.

anyway, it wasn't long before the air turned friendly for jason and me, and i started enjoying the feel of a large predator encircling my skinny trunk in a sorta friendly way. it felt weird, but okay. though when the trainer told me to let go off jason's head [or neck?] he raised his head to look at my face and decided to slither up my chest in a slow, steady pace and the moment i felt his breath [or tongue?] touching my neck, i shrieked. IT TICKLED, DAMMIT! thank God i managed to keep my calm and he didn't crush my ribs in return so i assumed things were still okay between us. then the python decided to explore my back and that's why you didn't see his face in the above pic [not that handsome, i tell ya].

around 10-15min later his trainer persuaded dear jason to leave his new 'toyland'. as the guy gently removed the python, i could feel jason tightening himself around my hips and for a moment i thought, this could be what it'd feel like when you're falling prey to a large snake. but i believe jason was a gentleman at heart, so i didn't freak out. "i think he likes you," blurted out one of the FEAR FACTOR crew jokingly. see? ^^;

one thing i learned that day, pythons are really beautiful creatures. frighteningly powerful in their primitive way, and as it always comes with anything primitive, they surely are beautiful. though it wasn't my first time holding a snake, it was my first time holding one THAT big. and there's something abt their skin which is smooth and shiny and exquisite and it's different than when you feel a leather handbag or shoes bcuz you can feel its flexing muscles, its breathing flesh. it felt.. wow. Subhannallah.

other than the python, the FEAR FACTOR booth displayed several other challenges containing little white mice [cute!], tropical frogs and lizards, some bugs, and the worst of all, red finger-sized worms. man, as long as i can still eat rice or chicken or cow or tofu or tomato or coconut or ANYTHING EDIBLE THAT MAKES SENSE i won't ever put that thing into my mouth. not in a million years!

all in all, am glad that i've passed one of the common FEAR FACTORS: snakes. when i was carrying jason, people got freaked out and stayed a good hell away from us, despite the trainer was also there. boy, am proud of myself. ^_____^=


i suggest you try it if you can! it was fun! ^^
fair..? OH, maksut lo FEMME 2005? dari waktu gw nulis ini mah udah selesai. ^^;

maksut gw kalu pas ketemu ular macem begini yang ada pawang/pemiliknya ya coba aja pegang2, kali mujur bisa lo kalungin juga kayak si jason. ^^
I like Slytherin and a parseltoung Harry but I don't think I will ever willingly touch a snake.... nope not such a coward like me *sweatdrops*
well, am not scared of snake. in fact, the idea of keeping a nice one crossed my mind long time ago when i was in elementary school, but my mom was clearly against it so i settled with a cat and a rabbit instead. ^^;

but the only reason i wanted to carry jason was becuz the trainer was there. pythons are primitive snakes with primitive instincts, i don't think i even want to go near them if i meet one in the forest, especially a hungry one.. ^^;;


damn, ur so brave *take a look at the pic
i didn't even want to touch the snake when i saw it
though i like albino ones, it looks kawaii T_T

albino? you mean thai's boa snakes? that's exactly what i was talking abt. i like them better becuz their faces are cuter. somehow.
oh ini toh si jason (telat),
sori man gue baru sekarang2 sempat baca post anak2 yang ketinggalan........

tetap saja aku tatut ular.

dosen anatomi hewan gue pernah mengajari cara membedakan ular berbisa dan yang tidak, yaitu antara lain dari jumlah sisik di kepalanya. kami semua menanggapi, "mana sempat itung-itungan pak, kalo ketemu mah lari aja, mana ambil risiko." XDD