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perfect pair

Tenipuri Fic: Rumour ^^

My first attempt in writing after 6 years of hiatus.. *grins nervously*

Fandom: Tennis no Ohjisama, a drabble
Title: Rumour
Author: blue^^
Rating: G, unbeta-ed
Characters: Fuji, Tezuka, Kikumaru, Ooishi
Summary: The noble deed of adopting a stray cat might lead to unexpected turn of events.
A/N: Set in the same timeline with Stalked. There’s a heavy link with the previous drabble, so reading it first is highly advised. ^^

Disclaimer: Tenipuri belongs to Konomi Takeshi.


It’s been months since the day Tezuka Kunimitsu picked up the stray grey-haired tabby kitten home. Life goes on smoothly for the stoic 15 year-old, filled with school works, tennis practice, the upcoming Seigaku drama festival, not to mention feeding the now healthy, cuddly, adorable she-cat his mother has insistently named… Ingrid.

As the next tennis ranking matches are getting near, the Seigaku boys tennis club are busy preparing themselves to raise and/or defend their positions. The spirit of sportsmanship has brought our two favourite Seigaku regulars, Fuji Shuusuke and Kikumaru Eiji, to the idea of visiting a recently opened sports shop located near the Seigaku compound.

On their way to the said sports shop, Fuji brings out the fact that today Tezuka-buchou is absent from tennis practice due to an urgent family matter. This, of course, has piqued everyone’s interest, seeing as Tezuka Kunimitsu rarely –if ever- skips tennis practice, and the idea of checking on their beloved buchou pops up in Fuji’s mind.

“Maybe we can drop by his house, just to make sure if everything’s okay,” Fuji says, tapping one finger to his chin.

“That’s a good idea, nyah! The shop’s not too far from Tezuka’s house anyway,” Kikumaru agrees.

“If he’s free he can tag along,” Fuji adds. “I’m sure Tezuka needs to replace his grip tape. Besides, it’s more fun to bring more people.”

“Ne Fujiko, don’t you think buchou is too boring to have fun together? I mean, he’s always so serious about everything.. Isn’t it tiring to wrinkle your forehead constantly like that?” Kikumaru says, imitating Tezuka’s creased eyebrows in the process.

“Aww, don’t be like that, Eiji. Tezuka has a lot in his mind right now, so we need to help him loosen up a bit,” Fuji replies, “besides, Tezuka can be fun, too.”

Moments later, they arrive at the Tezuka household. As Fuji is about to ring the bell, the gate swings opened and for some reason, Fuji dashes into the nearby bushes just outside the house, dragging Kikumaru along.

“Fujiko! Why are we hiding?”

“Shhh..!” putting one finger to his lips, Fuji motions Kikumaru to listen to the faint conversation from inside the gate.

“..Alright Kunimitsu, I’m going. Let Ingrid sleeps in your room tonight, just keep her warm and make sure she eats her meal. Don’t forget to give her the medicine at 6,” opening the door to her car, Tezuka Ayana is giving instructions to her son.

“Yes, mother,” Tezuka nods obediently, his face looking troubled. “Mother.. do you think she’s going to be alright?”

Turning around one last time before she gets into the car, Ayana smiles. “Don’t blame yourself, Kunimitsu. Ingrid is a tough girl, she’ll be fine soon. Besides, with the way you tend to her sickness, any girl will soon be healthy again in your tender care,” winking, Ayana ruffles her son’s hair, earning an embarrassed scowl from said teenager.

As the car rides off to the main road, Tezuka closes the gate and heads back to his house. Ingrid has been sick. The cat wandered out the house one day and went back home limping, dangling her right front leg and there were scratches on her body. It has driven Tezuka mad with worry and he has fretted for days, so much as to leave tennis practice in the care of his vice captain, Ooishi Shuichiroh. The vet explained to him that the injury was caused by a catfight where Ingrid’s opponent bit deeply into her right front leg and caused an infection. Luckily, with the balm and prescription given, the infection will heal within 3-4 days.

Now that the Tezuka household is calm again, let’s zoom the camera towards the two spies behind the nearby bushes outside the gate. Exchanging looks with his best friend, Eiji’s grin is as wide as the Cheshire Cat.

“Ingrid??” he blurts out, “never knew Buchou has a girlfriend.. not to mention a gaijin!”

“Yeah,” Fuji replies, looking a bit scandalous. “Never knew Tezuka is capable of having a relationship..”

“Ne, what country do you think this Ingrid is from?”

“Saa.. her name sounds German to me..”

“I heard German chicks are hot.. Wow Buchou, you rocks…” Kikumaru whispers, amazed. “Wait a minute.. Did his mom say the girl’s staying in his room?? Don't tell me they're..!?”

Then, as the realization dawned on them, the boys gasp in unison. “NO WAY!!!”


To say the least, the following week has been going considerably weird for Tezuka’s highly tolerable level of sanity. For some reason he’s been receiving admiring/jealous looks from the boys, some of them even give him thumbs up… while girls send him rather crestfallen looks, some even runaway crying whenever they bump into him in the hall or cafeteria. Brushing away the occurrence as something related to the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Tezuka proceeds with his daily routine as usual…

…until the morning of Valentine’s Day when the source of the weird occurrence finally reveals itself, as Tezuka arrives at school fully prepared for the troublesome day only to receive a relatively so-so greetings from the girls in the Student Council, surprisingly with no chocolate at all. Half thankful half confused, Tezuka walks further into the Seigaku compound to find even more crestfallen looks directed at him, this time not only from the girls, but also from some of the boys.

Deciding that something must be wrong, Tezuka goes to find Ooishi and asks him what the hell is going on. Grinning nervously, Ooishi advises him to check on the school bulletin board instead. Heading towards said spot, Tezuka finds many students gathering in front of the board, pushes his way through, and then drops his smooth jaw unceremoniously to the floor.

On the school bulletin board, there is a photograph of the stoic Seigaku tennis captain/student council president, Tezuka Kunimitsu, with some random pretty blonde girl side by side linked by a glittery pink heart, with big bold letters saying,
There is also a small paragraph below, explaining that the questioned blonde’s name is Ingrid, an exchange foreign student from Germany, who is staying at Tezuka’s house.

“Tezuka Kunimitsu!” a firm, high-pitched voice belongs to the Vice Headmaster of Seigaku Junior High School nearly makes Tezuka cringe. “Such a scandalous behavior is the least expected from the student model of Seigaku. You are summoned to the Headmaster’s office now.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” head bowing low, Tezuka takes a deep breath, trying his best to compose himself while Ooishi gives him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder. Ripping the poster off the board with more strength than he's intended, the tennis captain turns on his heel and walks toward the Headmaster’s office, swearing to get to whomever behind this highly inappropriate and totally not funny prank.

~ Owari ~

Started: 27-02-2012
Finished: 27-02-2012

C&C is highly welcomed, thanks for reading! ^^
and a very happy birthday, baby darling Fuji Shuusuke! <3


I cannot access the page for Stalked T_T

Can I request a sequel? I'm dying to know how Tezuka expressed his "gratitude" to the busybody teammates of his.
ah sorry, the page for Stalked is open for public now. ^^

don't worry, am planning for a sequel, though i need to summon my plot bunny back for that ^^;
or if you have any suggestion on how buchou should express his 'gratitude' to his teammates, feel free to drop me a line.. ^^

thanks for reading and commenting!
Yay, thank you.