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february 29, 2008

in celebration of our beloved genius/sadist/seducer/prankster/Seigaku ace...

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Momoppi Productions proudly presents...

FujiZuka Miau!Miau! Theatre

tomorrow is fuji's bday. as always, there will be celebration in the house.

since morning, zuka is busy thinking what present he should give the bday boy. the thing is, fuji's birth date comes only once every four years. naturally, zuka feels obliged to get his boyfriend a memorable present.

"the tuna pie is so last year, and i already gave the friskies-crumbed cake on valentine's day. also, i don't think fuji likes it if i give him a new cat toy, we're grown ups for cat's sake.."

the day is getting old, but zuka still can't find a perfect present for fuji. it turns out that finding present is very difficult for the grey tabby.

"i can't let fuji down, but am running out of ideas.. think again, zuka. yudan sezu ni ikou."

so you see, zuka is thinking very hard right now. and thank goodness, an idea strikes his furry head not long after.

"ahah! i've found a perfect bday present! all i need to do is to borrow k4tzie's stuff, i'm sure she won't mind."

and so, zuka rushes to get the present. he's sure fuji will definitely like and treasure it. the only thing is, he's not sure he still has an ounce of dignity left once it's done.

but for fuji, zuka will do anything.

~february 29, 2008~

today is fuji's bday! ^^ *pops confetti*

the meals today are exceptionally delicious. k4tzie is just the best cook evah! now the bday boy is on the back porch enjoying the breeze, while zuka's away from the house. since morning, zuka hasn't acknowledged fuji's bday yet. the stoic tabby acts boring as always.

"i wonder if zuka forgets my bday.. but i've been dropping hints since December. that silly cat, he can't be that dense, can he?"

having decided not to sulk at the situation, the handsome bday boy tries to think of something fun, when suddenly his eyes catches something on the floor. it's a white envelope. fuji moves stealthily toward it.

"eh..? there's a red paw stamp on it. is it for me then? saa, never knew i had a secret admirer.. should i open it now or wait until the bday party?"

curiosity gets the better of him [d'uh!], fuji opens the envelope and finds... *gasps* a bday postcard! XD and guess what, there's an inscription behind it that reads:



and so, zuka has finally given a memorable bday present to fuji. and they both enjoys the party, and live happily ever after, as always.


kindly applause the talented actors, vibo and fuji the cats, and also to their dedicated owner, k4tzie. we sincerely hope the audience enjoyed the performance, thank you for watching.

and last but never the least,
a very happy birthday to my baby darling Fuji Shuusuke! XD
may the loving relationship with your beloved tezuka-buchou last forever.

lotsa luv,


...the last picture killed me. ♥

Thanks for sharing this with us. ^^
haha, glad the effort's paid. ^^
thanks for commenting and be the first.
That was really funny. The last pic is awesome XD XD
glad you enjoyed the special performance, nya!
thanks for the comment. ^^
Haha funny and really cute!! Love this so much.
It must be the most memorable birthday present ever! Haha~

Oh...Tezuka, your pose in the last pic really smexsy. hehe
you bet it is! ^^
and i bet zuka and fuji will have a great night, too. *winks*
thanks for the comment.

btw, can i see the full pic of your tezuka icon? he looks hot! =b
You can see that pic at this link

And also another TezuFuji fanarts at my DA or at http://rainy-day.exteen.com/gallery-3 if you'd like ^_^

...now that i finally found time to check your gallery.. OMIGOSH! you're the one who participated in the christmas_cacti! XD no wonder the art was so beautifully drawn [i thought i fangirl-ed your work there].. thanks for the the bigger icon-pic link and the major gallery link! i'll definitely check and give comments [though i don't recall ever commenting in DA. can we really do it without registering? <-- is a total blankie for DA page -.-;]
*falls off chair laughing* OMG that was really...really cute!

so my icon says: F: Tezuka what do you think? T replies: I...I...guess I can do that!

I love it! thank you!
OMG can't believe i missed your comment! >.<
glad you enjoyed the zukafuji miau-miau show! XD
I always loves TezuFuji cat stories^^

Tezuka pose is too...sexy,Fuji will get crazy this night=P
haha, you bet! XD
thanks for commenting, so sorry i missed yours.
Aww! How cute! Zuka's such a tease, lol
thankie! glad you liked it! so sorry for such a late reply, though ^^;;;
ZukaFuji cat love is Great-o!^_^
though really, really late, am glad i've found your comment.
thanks! glad you enjoyed the kitty!theatre ^^