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Valentine's Day! ^^

a little gift for my flist on Valentine's Day.

related post is here

Momoppi Productions proudly presents...

FujiZuka Miau!Miau! Theatre

it was on another sunny day when zuka and fuji were sitting on the high wall of k4tzie's house.

zuka: fuji, care to tell me again why we're here?
fuji: we're here to watch birdie.
zuka: you do know we've been sitting here for 3 straight hours, don't you?
fuji: uhuh.

zuka: ..so where's the birdie?
fuji: *sing-song* just wait..

zuka: fuji, this is getting ridiculous.
fuji: patience, zuka. remember k4tzie's mom saying 'patience is a virtue'?

zuka: ....

zuka: ..i give up


i know, i should've come up with something valentine's related, but fuji and vibo insisted on making appearance again today. ^^;

but i promise i'll come up with something lovey-dovey enough for fuji!darling's birthday this 29 feb. yep, this is a leap year and it means fuji!darling will get his real birth day! I'M SO EXCITED!! XD

last but not least, kindly applause for our highly talented stars, vibo and fuji. thank you for watching, and see you next time!


Okay this was kinda weird..but a good weird, nice twist away from fics and art
yeah, it was supposed to be valentine stuff, but instead this one came up *shrugs*. thanks for the comment, glad you sorta enjoyed our performance. ^^
Oh my, so cute~! XD I really, REALLY love Tezuka and Fuji neko. <3 Thank you for sharing! ♥
thank you! ^^
your comment means so much to the cats.

Auwh.... My Cat...!

Yeah... as you wish, finally I read it...
Thx... For making my cat for your theater.
Can wait for another story...

Bu... gomen ne... English gue PAYAH!

Re: Auwh.... My Cat...!


ne, why don't you check out the previous "performances"? click the related post and you'll get there. don't forget to comment again, kay? pake bahasa indonesia juga bole kok. ^^
I must say you have quite a way to animate your cute nekos. Tezuka and Fuji nekos are just very cute.
*applause* Vibo and Fuji are just the awesomest kitties! I wish my cat sat still long enough for pictures.

This was just funny on its own because that's how these boys are. This was so amusing. Thank you!